Personal / Family Safety

Safety Zone Travel

  • Sends alarm notifications if your loved ones or those on a work related travel go outside the set boundary that you set.
  • Plan journeys to or from work, school or leisure to establish a “Safe Zone” using google maps
  • Sends alarm notifications if your child goes outside the set boundary
  • Create, store and share common or favourite journeys


  • “Panic” can send urgent alarm notifications including your location & time to your personal emergency contacts.
  • Your personal emergency contacts can communicate together to provide the best response.
  • “Panic” can notify others of your emergency location and time 24/7.


  • Government departments or Emergency services can notify you of threats or emergency events.
  • You can also notify Government departments or Emergency services.
  • Pictures & text of any emergency events of concern can be sent or received.
  • New two-way feature gives valuable information to evaluate and respond more effectively to emergency events.
  • Corporate Organisations can notify you of any new information or events.


  • Send text, photos, video, audio to friends, one to one or groups in real time

Track Me

  • “Unsure about the journey ahead? “Track Me” records your trip in real time anywhere.
  • Unanswered journey alarm prompts will activate notifications to your personal emerg ency contacts of possible assistance required.
  • Your personal emergency contacts can communicate together to provide the best response.
  • “Track Me” can notify others of your journey’s location and time 24/7.

Services Contacts

  • “Emergency calls to Emergency Services has never been so easy
  • Updated according to your GPS location
  • Just dial and let the GSA App connect you
  • Police, Ambulance, Fire Department


  • Setting reminders and share with others
  • Meetings, destinations, tasks, birthdays, recurring events, payments

Tourist Travel

  • Provides government agencies with a powerful tool to assist in providing a safe tourist environment.
  • Uses your current location to locate important information and contacts ie.
    Emergency services, Embassies and other helpful information.
  • Travel warnings can be sent to individuals or groups based on their GPS location.