When you register success you can Login to app by Email and Password.


Register need important information

  1. Select your country of Telephone Number then input your phone number
  2. Input your “Email”
  3. Input your “Password” and “Confirm Password” both need match.
  4. Input your “First Name” and “Last Name”
  5. “Automatically get my country location.” This will set your country location by GPS. Manual country selection is available by dropdown list located at bottom
  6. Please read “Terms”  and  “Privacy”  these important information  for you
  7. Acceptance “I’ve read and accept the terms and policy conditions“ are required before registration is completed
  8. Successful Registration allows users to Login. A welcome email will also be sent to you.

3.Home Side Menu and Notification

Global Safety Alert have a Home menu.  it show all features and services. And have a Notification Message It will update news chat or alert message to your friend or family. Side Menu show a quick link to managed like your Friends ,Groups and setting

3.1 Home

Home have a nine services for youSafety Zone Travel

3.1.1  Track Me

3.1.2  Panic

3.1.3  Police

3.1.4  Ambulance

3.1.5  Fire

3.1.6 Two-Way Messaging

3.1.7 Reminder

3.1.8 Chatter Create a New Track Me

Input Date and Time to reach destination and Description ,Description is short text about direction or target your location then upload Image next click Create Track Me

* Remember if you not cancel Track Me when have Alert noise. it will go to Panic Cancel Track Me

When you create Track Me then match date and time. Track Me will noise alert tone one minute you can cancel Track Me or let time end Track Me will go to overtime and change status you to Panic

If you need to cancel Track Me. It’s need password for cancel (password same Login) if you not cancel Track Me. It’s will go to Panic Status when overtime.

Panic are status when you need help from someone. App will send last location and information of you by notification message and email to who you choose to Emergency Contacts. And you can click images to call immediately

Panic will start by First when Track Me overtime. Track Me will go to Panic automatically. Second when you click a Panic services on menu. And when your go to safe. You can Cancel Panic. GSA will send message to Emergency Contacts “You Safe” Cancel Panic

If you need to cancel Panic. It’s need password for cancel (password same Login) if you not cancel Panic. It will send your current location to Emergency Contacts always 1 minute

Police are automatically checked emergency phone number of Police on world. When you enabled GPS or checked country location in Setting. App will get Police phone number to you and call immediately

Ambulance are automatically checked emergency phone number of Ambulance on world. When you enabled GPS or checked country location in Setting. App will get Ambulance phone number to you and call immediately

Fire are automatically checked emergency phone number of Fire on world. When you enabled GPS or checked country location in Setting. App will get Fire phone number to you and call immediately

3.1.8 Reminder

Reminder services are alarm alert. You can  create alert every you need do it. By you or with friends. You can learn about How to Create Reminder ,Repeat and History Create Reminder

Click + to create a new Reminder , Input your Subject Detail and location specific date and time then choose how long you need alert before event

e.g. In Image Subject : Meeting , Detail : summary , Location : The Street and Date 26 June 2017 Time 18:45 then I need alert 5 minute before events when 18.40 Reminder will send alert to me Repeat

Repeat is services for Reminder. When event you need specification to every daily ,weekly ,monthly and yearly you can enable repeat choose type you need

You can specification to end this event a three types

  1. After Repeat is when this event already times will end
  2. In date is when event end in date or passed date will end.
  3. Not end event will repeat forever History

When event end. Reminder will send event to History you can return them by click it and change date and time it come back to Now

Chatter have a Friend Chat and Group Chat. You can invite a new friend for chat with Search Friend

3.2 Notification

GSA have communication with you on two way are  Notification Message and Notification Email

Notification Message  will sent to you always like Invite friend ,Panic ,Chatter ,Reminder. It’s basic communication

Notification Email will sent when have special case like your friend have Panic and need help from you. GSA will sent important information to email of your.

3.3 Side Menu

After Register and  Login, You can go to Profile Page and upload your photo and your information

Menu are a quick link to Home ,Friend ,Groups ,Setting ,Help ,About and Logout

3.3.2 Friends

Learning about Friend. How to  look Lists of Friend  and Add Friends ,Search Friends , Wait and Accept Friends and Emergency Contacts Lists of Friend  and Add Friends

Lists of Friend show all friends in GSA App ,You can invite new friend on Search Friend and You can look friend profile or set friend to Emergency Contacts

If you need delete friend please click hold your name friend and clock delete Search Friends

You can find a friend by Email or Phone Number then click request to invite who to your friends Wait and Accept Friends

Lists will show people and have two status for you manage.
1. Status “ACCEPT” mean your who need invite you to be them friends, when you click “ACCEPT” they come to your friends
2. Status “Waiting” mean you waiting your friends to accept. Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contacts are who you need to sent alert message and can help you in case you have emergency problem and need urgent help , You can choose a five people

You can add Emergency Contacts on Lists of Friend  => Friend Profile = > Check Emergency Contacts it’s show icon Create Groups

  1. Click add Button Upload
  2. Profile Image and input Groups name
  3. Invite friend
  4. Talk in Groups

3.3.3. 2 Lists of Groups

Show Lists of Groups Chat with you people Groups Menu

When  you  go to chat groups you can see three menu on right side