Corporate / Business Safety

Site Familiarisation

  • 360 Degree Photography of work environment.
  • Pre site familiarisation.
  • Digital Induction Card Aid.
  • Evacuation guide.
  • Visual Training tool.

WHS Support Team

  • WHS Team – Speed Dial Phone Book
    • Management
    • WHS Officer
    • Fire Warden
    • First Aid Officer
  • Emergency Services and Customized Contacts.

Emergency Services Contacts

  • WHS Team – updated to suit employees and visitors site location
    • Updated globally according to your GPS location.
      Police / Ambulance / Fire Department
    • Phone numbers are customisable to suit your needs

First Aid Support

  • First Aid topics for reference.
  • First Aid Equipment Location finder.
  • Service/Audit notifications.

Safety Compliance

  • Limit liability and improve corporate due diligence.
  • Policies and Procedures, current and available 24/7.
  • Monitor Hazards, Risks, Equipment Logs with Feedback.
  • Minimise Risks to Health and Safety.
  • Implementing Processes which are Easy to Distribute Demonstrating Compliance.
  • Analytical Reporting Available.

HR Policies

  • Customised feature.
  • Clearly communicate policies to all employees.
  • Easy to distribute and read current versions with accountability.
  • In use with many organisations.

Induction Card

  • GSA’s interactive digital Induction Card shows current access status and employment information:
    Green: Current  Yellow: Review  Red: Expired
  • Employees and visitors inductions are quicker and easily viewed.
  • Employees and visitors ID and site qualifications shown.
  • Employees and visitors ID and site representative photo’s used as phone speed calling.
    Pre-Site Inductions can be done and tested prior to Site Visit.
  • 3D Photography training enhancement capability.
  • Renewal notifications automatically sent to employees, visitors and employers saving time in managing status relevant to the latest site procedures and requirements.

Emergency Response Roll Call Evacuations

  • On Line 24/7 to locate every employee for their safety.
  • Employee evacuation notifications & floor plans.
  • Populate the site in real time to identify those in safe zone or at risk
    • Green: Accounted
    • Yellow: Off-Site
    • Red: Un-Accounted
    • Alert tone activated on any
    • Un-Accounted people to assist in locating.


  • Fire Extinguisher selection guide and location finder.
  • Service date / Audit reminder notifications sent to Fire Warden.

Work and Safety Procedures

  • Remotely monitor employees safe working conditions.
  • Monitoring Ambient Surrounds
    • Noise
    • Temperature
    • Carbon Dioxide
    • Carbon Monoxide
    • Ammonia
    • Humidity
  • Alarm Notifications warnings sent to WHS team for levels outside your WHS policies.
  • Customised features for additional chemical or physical threats on application.